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Nhu da: 1139
9:00 am Wednesday November 7, 2018 to 3:00 pm Wednesday November 7, 2018
Jay Manohar Mahabihar, Saubahal, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Nhu da: 1139

Nepal Sambat is a unique calendar in the sense that all other calendars are named after rulers or religious leaders. Nepal Sambat is the only calendar which is named after a country.So,inorder to celebrate this New era 1139 ,Buddhist Youth Committee is organizing greeting exchange program and Nepal lipi workshop in collaboration with Callijatra Team.

Other Attractions ::

----Nepal Lipi WorkShop-----

Team Callijatra will conduct the workshop on Nepal Lipi(Mainly Ranjana Lipi). The importance of the Lipi cannot be underestimated as by the help of Ranjana Lipi Nepal was registered as a free nation in United Nations.Participants will be able to make tools for writing Ranjana Lipi and other various aspects regarding it. Participate and learn more about it.

-----Art Exhibition-----

The students from Kasthamandap Art helped us in bringing story of Shankhadhar in art form. Its a picture story on how the Nepal Sambat was started.The art have been done in various mediums and was exhibited last year at Patan museum as well. Please visit on the program date to see by yourself.

-----Mha:Puja Manda:----

Another important and unique culture of Newa people is Mha puja which is an annual ritual performed to purify and empower the soul as part of New Year celebrations. It is performed on New Year's Day of Nepal Sambat. Visitors will be able to see Mha puja manda(mandala) and other various aspects related to Mha puja.


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Satish Shakya: 9843690452
Pranita Shakya: 9843194121


Cover photo By : Arun Siddhi Tuladhar

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