Frequently Asked Questions


This section is a compilation of questions that are commonly asked by our event organizers. If you cannot find an answer to your problem within this section, you can email us at

1. What does Events In Nepal Do? first Nepali web based portal for events, conferences, exhibitions & trade fairs offering unique way of promoting and sharing programs information to public online. We are one point contact for the all the organizers, delegates and service providers for their events to be executed and connecting one-another in more professional and effortless way.

2. What Kind of Events do I get here?

You can find all events that relates to your business, personal advantage, career and entertainment. Our industry wise event listing makes easier to reach exact event you are looking for.

3. Who is behind

Group of young generation professional. Whose unite aim to build No.1 web based event portal in Nepal.

4. Is Event In Nepal only for Nepal?

Currently we provide support and solution across Nepal only.

5. Why Should I Choose

There are numerous reason why one should choose Solutions:

  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime, You can speed up your entire operations by providing 24 X 7 accesses to your attendees. This will allow them to register at their own convenience from anywhere in the world.
  • Customize the events as per your need; we are flexible enough to meet your requirement.
  • One stop solution – Events In Nepal solutions were specially designed for the Event & trade fair Industry.
  • Get full information of every day event happening at your city
  • Information of Events with venue and timing are just a click away from you.

6. What are the benefits I get as a delegate?

While Events In Nepal playing the vital connects, delegates can simply log and know everything about events:

  • All the events form the corporate world can be accessed with a simple click.
  • Same time and quickly find all the details about an event.
  • User name and password for the delegate
  • Singing up, and email alerts on important events and interested areas.
  • Booking Ticket for the Events.
  • Special discounts from event organizers and companies to delegates
  • Free usage for all delegates

7. What if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled by the organizer we will update it in our portal and a personal mail will be sent to you. If its a paid event the fee returning information will also be included in the mail.

8. Kindly Provide Me the Contact Information and email ID of the Organizer?

Every event listed on certainly having the contact information of the organiser below the event details. Even if you require the email ID of the Organizer Just click the name of the organiser you will find the complete information.

9. Is it free for delegates?

Delegate needs to pay the amount only if the event is payable that too only to the organizer. He dont need to pay anything for Events In Nepal. All services from Events In Nepal to delegates are free.

10. What does Events In Nepal do for me and my organization?

  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces no-shows
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Increases team's happiness
  • Attracts and retains more clients
  • Increases sign-ups
  • Encourages referralsEliminates mailing costs
  • Reduces administrative time
  • Enhances customer satisfaction

11. How can I Contact Events In Nepal?

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