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Khokana Sikali Jatra
10:00 am onward Monday October 15, 2018
Sikali Mandir, Karyabinayak, Nepal

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Khokana Sikali Jatra

Shikali Jatra is celebrated by a section of the ethnic Newar community living in Khokana, a medieval Newari heritage village in the southern part of Kathmandu valley. The villagers, though practicing Hindus, do not celebrate Dashain. In place of Dashain they observe the colourful Shikali Jatra. The five-day long festival is dedicated to goddess Shikali also known as ‘Ajima’ or mother goddess. Masked dances following tantric rituals are performed by dancers garbed in colourful attires during the festival. The dancers represent 14 gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. A wooden chariot with the idol of Goddess Rudrayani is carried through the village streets, finally resting in front of the Shikali Temple located on a grassy hill just outside the village. The procession, led by Newar priests wearing their white ritual costumes, sees the participation of devotees from Khokana and other parts of Kathmandu valley. The temple is surrounded by magnificent vistas of Chandragiri and Champadevi hills; Kirtipur and Chobar.


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