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behind the CAMERA
7:00 am Thursday November 22, 2012 to 9:00 am Monday November 26, 2012
Ananmnagar (opposite to Kist Bank), Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal

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Fees:  NRS 4000/-

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behind the CAMERA

Photography workshop with Sailendra Kharel
21st-25th November, 2012.

Photography is not only to record what is in front of the camera it’s more about the process of communicating your voice through its medium.

In this Five days workshop, it will help you more to understand about some essentials of photography in terms of visual language. Everyday there will be an open discussion session on various aspects of photography and the responsibilities of a photographer behind the camera.

It will also highlights on new approaches and practices on personal photography projects to photojournalism. 

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Seats: 12 participants
Date: 21-25 November, 2012
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 am

Some FAQ's

Q: What do i need?
A: A personal Digital Camera / Pen drive or Hard Drive. 

Q: I am a beginner/amateur or hobbyist photographer. Can I apply for this workshop?
A: Yes. You can apply. The course is designed for all level from fresh new beginners to working professionals.

Q: What I will learn from this workshop?
A: The workshop is more focused on visual aspect than technical. It will also discuss on basic operating technical aspects that depends on case-on-case basis.

Q: Is there any scholarship?
A: Yes. We have one free scholarship on tuition fee in our every workshop for regional participant from outside the valley. The scholarship does not include travel, food, accommodation and other expenses. These should be borne by the participant himself/herself.

Q: Do you have afternoon session?
A: We are available throughout the day. We can talk and figure out what time will be convenient for you.

Q: Can I pay the fee at the end of the workshop?
A: No.  Payment should be made before the workshop to confirm your seats. 

Q: Can I bring my previously taken photographs/ photo stories for discussion during the workshop?
A: Yes. Please bring them all in your pen drive or hard drive kept in one folder with your name.

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