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Love Trails Festival heads to the Nepal Impact Marathon 2018
Monday November 12, 2018

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Impact Marathon Series 
Love Trails Festival

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Love Trails Festival heads to the Nepal Impact Marathon 2018

12th - 18th November 2018
Travel Together | Rebuild Together | Run Together

LOVE TRAILS FESTIVAL are pleased to announce that we will be heading to the 3rd annual NEPAL IMPACT MARATHON this November! 

£25 off for all LTF runners: Code is 'LTFONTOUR18'

Join LTF Co-Founder Theo Larn-Jones and a group from the Love Trails community for a week of high impact volunteering, exploring Nepal, cultural experiences and of course... the Nepal Impact Marathon itself! 

The Impact Marathon Series is a social business designed to harness the power of running marathons to link it with sustainably building communities and bringing people together, leaving a lasting impact on the world.

In the past two years more than 120 runners have joined the Impact Marathon Series in Nepal from all over the globe with one shared goal - to run the Nepal Impact Marathon. Staying in probably one of the best positioned Athletes' Village in the world (the views are off the chart!), set in the shadows of the Himalaya, runners in this race make a real lasting difference - to their own lives, to their fellow runners' lives and to the projects and communities that are supported in Nepal.

You'll spend seven days in Nepal, visiting the projects you've fundraised for, getting fully involved in a community project, relaxing in the Athletes' Village in Kakani and running either a 42km, 21km or 10km race that will stretch you to your limits.

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