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Ktm Futsal Heroes Tournament
9:00 am Saturday August 30, 2014 to 8:00 pm Saturday August 30, 2014
Sky Goalz, Bhat Bhateni Supermarket, Ring Road, Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal

Ticket Information
For more details contact

Contact:9808428662 ( Aah Maa Raw )
9843202078 ( Shânkâr Jûng Kârkï )

Events Detail

Grand Futsal Tournament of the Year by Crazy Events

Special Features:

  • A cash prize of 20,000 and a cartoon of red bull for winning team with medals and a cup, certificate.
  • Cash prize of 10,000 for 2nd and medals as well.
  • A proper place Sky Goalz Futsal to play football and enjoy.
  • Two half in a game. Each of 10 mins.

Rules and Regulations

• Each Team should consist of 8 players.(including 3 substitude)
• Entrance fee must be paid om time.
• Quarrelling is strictly prohibited in the match. If players are found to quarrel, then the team will be disqualified.
• Players must bring their required equipment’s(including boots, gloves,etc.)
• Refree’s decsion will be the final decision.
• Players are’nt allowed to play barefoot or with shoes having studs.
• Players should arrive at arrival time. If all the players are not at the ground at the arrival time the team is disqualified.
• The organizer will provide simple first aid to the players if they get injured during the match. In case the players are seriously injured the organizer are not responsible.
• The teams should play the match with mutual coordination and understanding.
• Each half is played for 10 minutes.
• Players must bring their ID Cards for their identification.
• The charges of fouls are:
i. Yellow Card: 100
ii. Red Card: 200
• Teams who do not follow the above rules will be fined.

For Further details
Contact:9808428662 ( Aah Maa Raw )
9843202078 ( Shânkâr Jûng Kârkï )

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