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CS 1.6 (Condition Zero) gaming tournament
11:00 am Friday June 28, 2013 to 5:00 pm Sunday June 30, 2013
LOCUS 2013, Pulchowk Campus Sports Ground, Patan, Central Region, Nepal

Ticket Information
For more details contact

call 9841638918 (Abinash Manandhar)

Ticket Price

Entry Fee: Rs. 500/- per team

Events Detail

CS 1.6 (Condition Zero) gaming tournament

The CS 1.6 Competition is a part of the LOCUS event, a national technological festival organized on Institute Of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. The competition aims to entertain the CS lovers.

Registration Procedure

• The participants will have to first contact event managers within 13th Ashad, 2070 for team registration.

• The competition is open to students and general public alike.

• Each participating team must have five members.


Gaming Rules

• Competitors are to note that this is a knockout tournament

• 16 teams will be taken for 1 tournament session

• Competitors will have to play as both Ts & CTs (6 rounds each).

• Game results will be based on max wins for 6 rounds each of Ts & CTs .

• Competitors must be present in gaming zone according to provided gaming schedule (or else, the team will be "disqualified").


Event Type: Gaming

Entry Fee: Rs. 500/- per team

1st prize: Rs. 4000/- per team
2nd prize: Rs. 1000/- per team
Consolation prize: Rs. 500/-

For registration, Contact via facebook to anyone of the following:
• Abinash Manandhar ( Mdr AVi )
• Ankit Mehta ( Ankit Mehta )
• Anish Shrestha ( Anish Shrestha)
• Aditya Khatri ( Aditya Khatri)
• Suresh Karki ( Suresh Karki)

Or, call 9841638918 (Abinash Manandhar)


• The competition will be open to all and the participants will have register their 5-player-team prior to the event.

• In case of any dispute, the organizing committee holds the authority to make the final decision.

- Counter Strike Organizer Committee, LOCUS 2013

For more info:


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