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Changa Chait Festival
11:00 am Saturday October 5, 2019 to 6:00 pm Saturday October 5, 2019
Chovar Height, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Changa Chait Festival

Why "Changa Chait Festival"?

Kite flying used to be like a tradition few years back. Kites would  swim in the sky battling with each other which marks the arrival of our biggest festival “Dashain” from a month or two earlier . The excitement of cutting other kites yelling “Chait” among the group of colleagues and families is definitely one of the best part of this festival. But during the recent years, the importance of kite flying has been slowly declining due to advanced technology and one seeking for an easy way to enjoy. Thus, through this event we want to encourage youths for kite flying and show them the joy and excitement it offers. We also aim to contribute in the preservation and positive growth of this culture that is entertaining too. As it is said,"The culture of a nation resides in the hearts of the people." We also seek to get connected with the society and the people to bring back the same excitement and joy we used to have in our childhood.


Program Details

The main highlights of this event will be Changa Chait Competition, Food stalls, Game stalls, Live musical band performance and DJ performance for the whole event day.


Changa Chait Competition

It is one of the main theme of this event. Participants are divided into groups and they must qualify from each group to reach into final stage. Then, the winner pf each group competes in the final. The final winners will be for the positions of First, Runner up and the Mr. Sharp given to the participant who is renowned for cutting maximum kites throughout the event. 


Fun games

Entertaining games will be placed at stalls which will make visitors and participants engaged in the event. Some of the featured games in the event are Bingo, Bucket Ball, Glass Knockdown, Dart and others. We shall put up stall for games and each stall will have respective prizes for the visitors. We will also place stall for face painting.


Food Stalls

Various food stalls under which various Newari dishes and Nepali dishes will be placed. The combination of special Newari dishes and our own favorite Nepali dishes will add magic to the food lovers and also give the chance to try different unknown dishes to our visitors. We shall also place the Panipuri stall which will make the event more attractive and engaging. 


Live musical performance and DJ sessions

Even if people are not participating in the competition, we have other ways to keep them engaged and not let them get bored. We are aware that we are mostly targeting young people who are supposed to have deep interest in music, either a live performance or a DJ session. So keeping this in mind, we have called out some really amazing bands who will surely make it fun for all of our visitors. We have some great DJs who will make the crowd dance and enjoy. We are also encouraging some local artists in the event.

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