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Brutal Monsters Vol. 1 (Online Compilation Album)
Wednesday May 1, 2013
Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal

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Vishal Vof and Eumsn Bones

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Sharing the GROWLS & GRUNTS with Neighbours..

This is an Online Compilation Album of Bands from around the Globe.

Any Interested bands can throw one of their track for this compilation, we don't care if its a professional record or done in a practice room with a mobile, just record it and send to us at (

And yes, EUMSN holds the right to say whether you fit for the Compilaiton or not. Thanks \m/

Confirmed Bands and their Tracks :-
from Nepal -
1.) Bidroha - Adhipatya Nai Ho Danav Ko (Part II) "Live Version"
2.) Broken Hymen - Dimensions Of Obliteration "Demo"
3.) Fetus Carnage - Baby Intestine Devourment "Demo"
4.) Wakk Thuu - Sabai Dhwasta Parne KT "Demo"
5.) Rot - Atripta Kaal Ko Yatra "Live Version"
6.) Traumatic Lullaby with Cumshot Goodbye - Gag Her With Dagger "Demo"
7.) Vomitory Infection - Euphoric Severing Of The Limbs

from Germany -
8.) Kadaverficker - Scumshot

from USA -
9.) Blasphemation - I Made Her Watch
10.) Fight The Demiurge - Face Reality
11.) Sangue Lucano - Weed Smoke
12.) Vomitomb - Slime Pit

from Bangladesh -
13.) Abominable Carnivore - Dirge Of Disbelief
14.) Exalter - White Phosphorus Shell

from India -
15.) Grossty - Froggy The Killer
16.) Snuffx - Dumb Fucking Whore
17.) Masochistic Autopsy- - Disfigured Necrophillian
18.) Sycorax - Weapon Of Choice "Live Version"
19.) Syphilectomy - Sadomasochistic Haemophilia

from Bolivia -
20.) Pandegoreium - Angel Entrails

from Canada -
21.) C.H.U.D. - Zombie

from United Kingdom -
22.) Disrepute - Assad is a CUNT
23.) Cacodaemonic - Forever Devouring The Righteous

from Colombia (Latin America) -
24.) Genetic Error - Astonished

More bands to be confirmed soon..

Event Art By - Gore Minister (Germany)
Album Art By - Nakchu Gurung + Utsav Shrestha

Download Link will be available here in Near Days.

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