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Well Being and Empowerment
6:00 am Monday July 6, 2015 to 8:30 am Saturday July 11, 2015
United World Trade Center, त्रिपुरा मार्ग, Tripureshwor, Central Region, Nepal

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Well Being and Empowerment

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful? Skills ? Well yes, but don’t you think you need a healthy body and a stable mind to carry your expertise to success?

The first aspect to life is Health or overall well being without which life and life energy will never get any fruitful direction. To perform any task or achieve any of the goals of our life, we need to have a sound health and that is what we refer to well being. Health as we know is not just physical but also mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

There are two types of skills one needs in life to become successful other than health. They are academic and soft skills. Soft skills such as concentration, confidence, leadership skills, creativity, ability to face the mass, relationship management etc are key ingredients to success in any field.

WeBE (well being and empowerment) is thus designed with consideration to both the aspects of life. “Well Being” i.e. Health, and “Empowerment” equipping one with soft skills.

The 6 days workshop of 3 hours everyday intends to equip participants with all the practical skills for holistic well-being and all round empowerment that one needs in life.

The course is designed practically and participants will also get home carry techniques which can be practiced even after the workshop. A life-long follow up is also available to those who attend WeBE.

The WeBE workshop has been designed specifically for various age groups, as per the requirement of their age:
WeBE Youth: Age: 18-35 (For age above 35 we have other workshop called “Level 1: Vishraam“)

You can get the further details by contacting us at 9851181857.

Stay connected on our Facebook page: to get information about the upcoming course dates or log on to . You can also get updated via our # (hashtags) #WeBE, #Vishraam, #HVPP

P.S: Human Values for Peace and Prosperity (HVPP) is a non-profit, non-governmental, educational, humanitarian and spiritual organisation. Vishraam- A complete rest is a spiritual project of HVPP. WeBE series are the workshop under Vishraam. Click here to know more on Vishraam.

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