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Travel book Collection Camp
7:00 am Sunday July 14, 2013 to 8:30 am Tuesday July 16, 2013
Santwona Multiple Campus, Shantinagar, Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal

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Bikash Thapa: 9813847964
Seikh Sazzad Hussain: 977-9801136786

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Travel book Collection Camp
Travel Book Collection Camp is regualr program of Public Health Action Nepal organized with an objective to support for collection of educational materials including books,other materails related with education, such a sbiography, novel,guidebook, dictionary .documentaries, and so on.It is conducted to collect the resource youth information center initiated by Phan Nepal.

Youth Resource Center can be used as models for promotion of health, sanitation, child right, youth welfare and other social issues in the communities.
Youth are future leaders and parents, besides teenagers group from 13-19 are always prone to fall in susceptible situation accordingly youth from 19-29 are also highly sensitive group,since this age group is stage to change into young adult so they become touch with and want to experience new things and possess a feeling of superiority and inferiority.This not only destroys them but also leaves a adverse affect community substantially Therefore it is important youth to gain good knowledge about issues and be self conscious and motivated to help in welfare and developmental activities within their communities through an integrated approach. This project focuses three major issues ;aiming to create self motivation, improving their basic skills and knowledge regarding issues of health, h...ygiene, sanitation, youth welfare and so on as stated above in an incorporated shape.
They are:
• Software and hardware aspects which are needed to bring changes in behavioral practices, understanding of issues of health, youth and prevailing social stigma.
• Agencies need to join hands to avoid duplication of efforts
• Systematic processes and clear out indicators which help to measure input, processes and output (IPO)

Targeted group and area
• particularly the age group between 13-29 (teenagers and youth)
• 5 Each VDCs of dolakha ,Bajura,Sankhuwasobha, Sindhupalchowk, Accham and Kaski

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