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Sacred Water: Community Art Exhibition Patan,
3:00 pm onward Saturday June 13, 2015
Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur, Central Region, Nepal

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Sacred Water: Community Art Exhibition Patan

A Community Art Exhibition of visual stories surrounding water and well-being from local residents of Patan
Please join us for the opening at Image Ark: 3pm, Saturday June 13th.

'Sacred Water' will exhibit the work of local women of Patan and artists who explore the local community's relationship with water, the ancient stone spout system and health relating to water.

Clean water, or its lack of, is a problem which everyone living in the Kathmandu valley can relate to. This exhibition is the culmination of 5 months of art workshops which brought local women from across different parts of Patan together to explore and express their own personal experiences relating to water and health. This was done with the support of Oxford Clinical Research Unit Nepal based at Patan Hospital who have their own explanations and perspectives on the theme.

The women’s artworks tell water inspired stories including the experience of lining up and collecting water from wells and hitis from childhood to today as well as personal and traditional myths linked to water and Patan’s traditional stone spout system. Water was also thought of in the broader sense; as a symbol of health and life prompting expressions of dreams and wishes contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Works will also be exhibited by two local established artists Mahima Singh (an installation and performance artist) and Bidhata KC (a visual artist) who are both committed to issues of social justice and womanhood in their own work and who led the women's art workshops. The overall project is organized by Lêna Bùi and Siân Aggett. The exhibition is free and suitable for all ages.

See some images and read more about the contributors and the project here:

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