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नाटक "रुपाकृ"
5:00 pm onward Tuesday February 26, 2019 to Thursday February 28, 2019
Sarwanam Theatre kalikasthan, Kathmandu, Nepal

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नाटक "रुपाकृ"

एक सच्चा प्रेम जोडी रुपा र कृष्ण को जिवनमा आघारित नाटक #रुपाकृ, Renuka Karki को निर्देशन, जसमा Sunisha Bajagain, रुपा र Sudip Jung Karki, कृष्ण को भुमिका गर्दै छन।। 

( एस नाटक को प्रदर्शन बाट उठेको सम्पूर्ण रकम अपांगता भएका व्यक्ति हरु को सहयोगमा खर्चिने छ। )

We, "Social Speakers", aim to raise funds for differently ables through this play and also spread message that love and support can help a disabled keep faith in themselves and get back to their regular life and that disability is temporary and providing will power is the first key to curing all disabilities. 

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