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New Jersey Preschool Startup Workshop
9:00 am Saturday May 26, 2018 to 6:00 pm Saturday May 26, 2018
Regus Business Center Kathmandu, Nepal

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Praveen Singh

+91 7337509737

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Take the Leap in world of Edupreneurship:

New Jersey Academy announces its 7th Preschool Startup Workshop in India’s 15 fastest growing cities. New Jersey Academy is an USA based education brand which offers NO Risk business opportunities.

Whether you’re thinking about your first preschool venture or you’re already well on the journey of running preschool; this 45 minutes of startup workshop will offer you a valuable combination of one 2 one mentoring with experts.

The purpose of the workshop is to equip startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with knowledge and resources on challenges in starting and success of preschool and interactive education business and how to build sustainable enterprises that service the bottom of the pyramid. 

Who shall attend?

  • Entrepreneur seeking to start preschool business in 2018-19 session
  • Entrepreneur seeking new business ideas in education segment
  • Running preschools seeking school development support
  • Brands willing to scale in franchise model


Why to attend?

1. One to One Mentoring

  • Road map to Edupreneurship: build, buy, or franchise
  • How to launch your startup: opportunity identification and business planning
  • Get the help you need to know in deciding which option (Own Brand / Franchise) is right for you
  • Discover ideas that are new, or that you might not have considered
  • Get advice on the wide range of financial options from experts
  • Get to know about the best franchise brands expanding in your area

2. Own Brand Startup

If you are planning to start your own brand business then We’ll provide you complete step by step guidance on business planning, location planning, pre investment R&D, investment breakups on own setup, curriculum planning, staffing, launch and market your own preschool brand.

3. Preschool Franchise Buyers

We’ll show you the business profile of India’s best preschool franchise brands along with its franchise model, investment structure, negative and positive attributes, support model and will share the contact details of franchise head for further discussion.

4. Existing Preschools

If you are already running a preschool and if you are looking scaling opportunity in franchise model, then you are welcome to meet us to discuss on developing franchise model, investment acquisition strategies, franchise business challenges and will connect you with match making franchise seekers.

How to attend?

Attendees are invited based on their expressed interest in self-startup preschool as well as their willingness to buy a preschool franchise or any running preschool businesses of their choice or peering with other like-minded edupreneurs community.

Come solo or bring a friend and be ready to take the next step (or leap) into your future!

About Organisor

Edupreneur was established in 2003 to support education businesses, investors as well as aspiring entrepreneurs in leveraging franchise for a successful business. With rich experience, extensive technical know-how and practical knowledge, we understand the distinct challenges faced by entrepreneurs franchisees and franchise buyers. We provide each the assistance they need, precisely at the time they need it the most.

With a skilled and experienced pool of resources, Edupreneur works closely with brands as well as investors, providing them expert advice, full-cycle self startup as well as assistance in finding a right franchise brand.

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