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Last Design Sprint in Kathmandu!
1:00 pm Friday August 17, 2018
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire

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Last Design Sprint in Kathmandu!

What is this workshop about?

This Design Sprint is part of Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire in which we are searching for the talents from all Provinces, to do workshop on how to use Design Thinking and spread a word about the Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire.

You will get to:

• Learn more about a creative problem solving process or Design Thinking and how to apply it in real life
• Learn more about Design Thinking tools including Empathy Map, interview techniques, idea creation techniques, How Might We question and building prototype
• All of this will be taught through hands-on activities so don't worry, you won't get sleepy!

Moreover, you will get to 
• Meet passionate people from all walks of life that aspire to make a difference in their community
• Learn more about the Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire, Maker Marathon at the event and a chance to win grants!

Who can come?
Are you a change-maker? We invite Makers, Students, Social Activists, Professionals who are interested to make social impact in the field of Health, Education and Environment by coming up with innovative solutions.

How you register?
Just click 'going' then walk in!

Everything is free of charge :)

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