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Kirtipur Women's Festival
Friday April 5, 2019 to Saturday April 6, 2019
Kirtipur (Kwacho, Layaku, Samal, Baghbhairabh, Lho Denga, Chilancho, Tanani)

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Kirtipur Mahila Mahotsav

Kirtipur Women's Festival is the first ever festival going to be held featuring women's skill, game, knowledge and other involvement. It is organized by Kirtipur Municipality with joint coordination with 8 different other social and volunteer organizations of Kirtipur. The event covers Ward No. 1, 2, 3, 10 area of Kirtipur. It features the following activities:

  1. Handicrafts, Small Industry Exhibition
  2. Cultural Exhibition, Musical Instrument Exhibition, Food Stall
  3. Mandala Exhibition, Thanka Exhibition, Sukul Weaving, Laakhe Dance and Dhimee Dance
  4. Historical Game: Ekchala, Chheli Baaku, Rope Game, Ghalwo
  5. Historical Make up : Ala:, Ko:, Mehendi etc.
  6. Women-Related Culture: Belbibah, Gufaa:, etc
  7. Samaybaji and Halamhala Paasa
  8. Exhibition of Local Agri-products.

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