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Jewels of Newar Art second edition
11:00 am onward Thursday January 31, 2019 to Saturday February 2, 2019
Bodhisattva Gallery - Jewels of Newar Arts, Inar, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Jewels of Newar Art second edition

About us

Bodhisattva Gallery has been working to create excellence in traditional Newar art.  To do so the gallery has been working closely with the artists encouraging them to be creative with their work while staying inside the iconographic boundaries. The gallery has always believed that their works should be shown to a wider audience for which we have done many successful exhibitions that has been appreciated tremendously.  Our effort has always been for highest quality Newar art, which Nepal is renowned for. Most people have not seen this exquisite artwork except in international museums, thus these exhibitions are the best platform to learn about this living art. Three major pieces of our art collection has been selected to be exhibited at the Welt Museum, Vienna, Austria, 2019. 

Bodhisattva Gallery’s first exhibition “Jewels of Newart Art” was held on 2011 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal. A landmark exhibition and the first of its kind, from the collection of Anjana and Purna Man Shakya (owners of Bodhisattva Gallery) showcasing 25 years of their collection. 

2016 marked another major retrospective exhibition “Embodied Enlightenment” paintings by Samundra Man Singh Shrestha from collection of  Anjana and Purna Man Shakya and Bodhisattva Gallery. One of the biggest private exhibitions held at the Nepal Art Council; considered one of the best till date and we believe people have enjoyed the art and our effort to showcase the journey of one artist.  

Furthermore, we have been conducting annual exhibitions and sales at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu since 2012. Although this particular show has been catered towards the hotel guests, this has been an opportunity for the guests from around the world to see to the museum quality and we have always received great feedback from the visitors, including Rinpoche’s. 

Geshe Rema Dorge said, "I had never seen such perfect statues." He thought such artwork had died long time back. He was very happy to see the continuation of this tradition to create statues and told all his students that its a must visit exhibition.

Now 2019, we bring to you Jewels of Newar Art second edition. The best Newar art has to offer.  In this edition we are bringing artists work from diverse fields.  This is the largest exhibition we have conducted till date. 

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