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Green Gathering
12:30 am Thursday November 1, 2018 to 9:00 am Sunday November 25, 2018

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Meeting and ticket point.
Beyond The Wall Bar Pokhara
Umbrella cafe Nepal

Ticket Price

$ 40 

Events Detail

Green Gathering Moment VOL-VI. Gathering of the tribe.

A loud Shout Out to all the beautiful souls around the globe. Green Gathering is back again on Vol-VI with the full moon to celebrate our yearly celebration of conservation and protection of environment by dancing and letting go.. During the gathering you can interact with the peoples, friends, artists, teachers thus virtually everyone as our aim is to get into One single consciousness on helping and healing each other with the high energy of the full moon. Our gathering aims to foster a creative and collaborative atmosphere of caring, sharing, openness and kindness. For that reason, it can be magical, trans formative and often life-changing experiences for many of those who attend.
Our gathering provides access to incredible nature, music, visionary art installation, performances, spiritual education, relaxation and healing and performances. Many different lectures & workshops are available where you can learn from various experts and leading alternative thinkers or share your own knowledge.

Creating Oneness, Rainbows, and Re connection to the nature.

20% of net profit from the gathering will be donated to The Unity Eco villagenon profitable organization for the conservation and preservation of Environment.

Genre from Ambient, Chill out/ psychill, fusion, techno, world, rock, Progressive, Minimal, Trance, Psy Trance, Prog Forest, Dark forest, Hitech, and more will be played.

Workshops on varieties of field and disciplines will also be organized.

Don't miss our Promo event for Green Gathering Vol-VI [Part-II] at Beyond The Wall Bar Pokhara on 5th, 8th, 12th,15th, 19th and 22nd of Sept. starting from 05 Pm to 10:45 Pm with different artist from different genre.

-Gathering includes
#Two_Stages [#Main_Psy_Stage #Chill_Out_Stage]

#Art_and_Craft #Tattoo
#Environmental (#Recycling #Eductional

Join us in the journey of Awakening towards oneness. 

-Artist Line up for PSY STAGE (Main Stage) 
Progressive, full on Psy Trance, Prog Forest, Dark forest, Hitech, and more will be played.

#Rudrakshiva -ॐ - Mantra Lucid (#Glowing_Flame_Rec.) (#Belgium) 
#KapitalSeven Spirophonic Records #UAE 
#Sukhada #Shakti_Peak_Tribe #NPL
(Shakti Peak Festival Nepal )

#Cactus (#Bluelight_Rec) #NPL 
#Shiva_Tandav (#Bluelight_Rec)#NPL 
#BabaDelic (AcidManiaC_Rec) (NP)
Baba Delic

#Ghising (#Prog_Dark_Forest) (#UEV_REC) #NPL
Jay Ghising

#ArtSamadhi #UEV_Records #SKOR 
#Alchemist (#Psy_Trance_Progressive) (#UEV_REC)#NPL
Raju Lama

#Nalmi (#UEV_REC) #NPL
Dinesh Nalmi

#UnderGround (#UEV_Rec)(#Progdark_Forest_Twilight)#NPL
Saroj Thapa Magar

#Broken_Seeker (#Live_ProgPsytrance_Hitech) (#UEV_Rec)#NPL
#PsyRam Unity Eco Village Records #NPL


-Artist Line up for CHILL OUT stage
Psy chill, ambient, fusion, Techno, minimal techno, acoustic, Blues, Funk, and many more.

#Regan_Tuladhar (#Solo_Fusion_Electric_Guitar_Gipsy) (#NPL)
Regan Tuladhar

#Arjun_Chainpure_and_Shalil_Subedhi #Classical (#NPL)
#Himal_Pahad_Tari_ka_Aawaz_Sangeet_ka_jharna_haru (Originals)

#ArtSamadhi #UEV_Records #SKOR 
#Shimps (#UEV_REC) (#NPL)
Simson Lamichhane

@Cactus Bluelight Records #NPL 
#Lauda_Lasun (#LIve_ProgPsy_Rockfusion) (#NPL)
Drums on a Rocker Man

#Broken_seeker (#Acoustic_fusion_Live) (#NPL)
Broken Seeker

#Panche_Baja (#Local_Music)

#Local_Folk_music #UEV_REC
Ghaḍeri Unity Eco-Village Pokhara

#Local_Folk_music #UEV_REC
Jyagdi Eco Village Syangja Nepal

#Local_Folk_music #UEV_REC
Ruma Eco Village


-Decko: Simson Lamichhane

-About the venue:
Pokhara, “The Lake City” a paradise in Nepal is situated on the lap of the majestic high mountains and the panoramic range of Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna that has been on the backpacker’s bucketlist list since the early sixties constantly, This Himalayan bound mystic nation is a dream destination for all kinds of travelers, boasting a rich heritage and colorful lively culture, snow capped peaks, spiritual history and vibrant people.

Goa Trance came to Nepal in the 90’s. It was brought by the freaks who came from Goa to visit Nepal or who came for their Indian visa extension. It started with small gatherings in the mountains and now regular full moon parties in Pokhara organized.

Standing on top of the Hill, the venue adds beauty to the Pokhara Valley. It is a perfect holiday place providing a clear view of the Himalayan range (Annapurna Mountains range, including Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, and Annapurna III), Fewa Lake and Pokhara city. The hilltop provides a splendid view of sunrise and sunset. The place is about 7-10 kilometers from lakeside, the major business spot in Pokhara. There are several ways to reach the venue. There are hiking trails, cycling tracks and the road to the place. One popular and adventurous hiking trail is the crossing of Fewa Lake by a local boat and then climbing uphill through local villages which takes about an hour and half to two. The partial black-topped road takes about 45 minutes to an hour and half , which can be reached by taxi or private car. Public transportation too is available to the place.

More of the information available at Meeting and Ticketpoint.

#Note: Ticket once bought will be valid for all Green Gathering Vol-VI teaser parties. (i.e: [Part-I], [Part-II], [Part-III] and the Green Gathering Vol: VI Final Chapter Nov)

Green Gathering Vol-VI [Part-I]: 10$ (Till- Aug. 27th)
Door sale: 15$

Green Gathering Vol-VI [Part-II]: 20$ (Till-Sept. 26th)
Door sale: 25$

Part III: 30$(Till- Oct- 27th)
Door sale: 35$

Green Gathering Vol: VI: 40$(Till- Nov: 21st)
Door sale: 45$

-Mid Entry during gathering:

Part-I: 30$ (22nd Nov)

Part-II: 20$ (23rd Nov)

Part-III: 15$(24th Nov.)

-Things to remember
Warm cloths
Camping gear
Flash light
A lot of love.

-Things not allowed:
Outside food and drinks

-You'll have to bring your own camping gears, if not than please inform us before. 

Meeting and ticket point.
Beyond The Wall Bar Pokhara
Umbrella cafe Nepal

For anyone interested to volunteer, organize workshop or join in as artist than please feel free to contact us at . 

Our gathering doesn't promotes any brand and is solely dependent upon donations and gatherers so with due respect we hope to see you with tickets as a return of gratitude for our hard work, passion and future. love n' light.

Green Gathering Family
With kind regards.

Thank you.


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