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Emerging Entrepreneurs Forum
11:00 am onward Thursday March 12, 2015
INDRENI COMPLEX, नयाँ बानेश्वर, मध्यमाञ्चल, नेपाल

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Emerging Entrepreneurs Forum

Introduction of the Seminar
Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economic growth and development. Entrepreneurship is the journey of exploration of the opportunity and the utility of the ideas and knowledge devoting the time and efforts with appropriate risk management technique to create value for the profit and a good social cause. International Labor Organization (ILO) report revealed that 202 million people are unemployed by the year of 2013 which has increased by 5 million in compare to last year. The scenario is even worst in least developing country like Nepal. In Nepal migration rate of youth in abroad for job seeking, permanent residency and study is increasing every year. In this situation youth empowerment and entrepreneurship is substantial in country like Nepal.
Emerging Entrepreneurs Forum is an initiative focused on the entrepreneurs on their initial stage to develop entrepreneurial skills and quality. The forum supports emerging entrepreneurs based in our country Nepal helping them to develop to create new opportunities and grow their business. Collectively our members inspire, connect, and share knowledge and best practice with one another to create real value that leads to business growth and success. Entrepreneurship and economic development have vital inputs and inferences for policy makers, development institutes, business owners, change agents and charitable donors. If we understand the benefits and drawbacks, a balanced approach to nurturing entrepreneurship will definitely result in a positive impact on the economy and society.
Entrepreneurship puts new business ideas into practice. In doing so, it creates jobs that facilitate personal development. With their innovative and disruptive ideas, entrepreneurs can tackle social problems too. Through this kind event in Nepal, AIDIA is hoping to bring together expert scholars and students from various sectors to come together and talk about how to become a successful Entrepreneur globally.

Objectives of the Workshop
The prime objective of the Emerging Entrepreneur Forum is to provide an opportunity for the young entrepreneur to discuss and interact with the experts from the different sectors that will help to aid in their existing knowledge and ideas.
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