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ComCraft: Comic Books, Manga and Graphic Novel Workshop
4:00 pm onward Friday January 29, 2016
Quixote's Cove, Patan, Central Region, Nepal

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ComCraft: Comic Books, Manga and Graphic Novel Workshop

This workshop is designed for illustrators, graphic designers, writers and students who want to learn more about manga, comic books, and graphic novels. It will teach participants how to build their own characters and create their own comics. The workshop will take participants on a journey exploring the world of visual storytelling and the endless creative possibilities of comic books and graphic novels.

The workshop is designed to have two modular phases. Participants may choose to take part in one or both the modules. It is highly recommended that participants who wish to take part in Module II take part in Module I or are very familiar with the language of visual narratives and the history of comic books, manga and graphic novels. 

Module I: History, sequential narrative tools and global variations
The first module will have participants appreciate the theoretical and technical aspects of comics, manga, and graphic novels. It will offer a complete overview of comic book history and the key elements of its distinctive narrative and visual language. 

Orientation Session: Jan 26, 2016
Workshop dates: Jan 29-31, 2016
Workshop Time: 4pm to 7pm (tentative, to be finalized during the orientation session)
Workshop Fee: Rs. 1,000 

Module 2: From Idea to Comic
The second module will be a hands on workshop on the creative process of making a comic book/graphic novel, from the early idea to the final page. Participants will learn how to build narratives around characters, how to write a scene-by-scene story outline and how to transform all these key elements into comic book formats.
Participants who wish to take part in this module MUST have a certain background/knowledge of comic books as a language or medium. 

Note: This is NOT a technical drawing/painting workshop.

Workshop dates: Feb 6-7 & Feb 13-14, 2016
Workshop Time: 4pm to 7pm (tentative)
Workshop Fee: Rs. 2,000 

Additional Information:
Participants who sign up for both modules by Jan 22, 2016 are eligible for a discounted fee of Rs. 2,400 for both modules. 
Scholarships are available for participants who cannot afford the workshop fee. Participants must be willing to meet the conditions set for the scholarship. Details of the scholarship are provided in the application form. 
Participants must fill out the form below to be considered. 
Workshop fees are due on the day of the orientation.
Applying does not gurantee selection.

The workshop is being organized by La.Lit: the literary magazine, Quixote’s Cove and Kathmandu Univeristy Center for Art and Design. 

Application Form:

Workshop Facilitator:
Raül Tidor is a creative director, scriptwriter and media content creator based in Barcelona. He holds BA in AudioVisual Media, Master in Visual Design for TV, Cinema and Theater and Master in Creative Documentaries. He has also worked as a Creative Consultant in different media, for public/private companies ans NGO’s. His recent works include tv programs and formats, documentaries, street art workshops, animated series, ad campaigns, illustration and comic books.

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