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Book Exchange Party
3:00 pm Sunday February 3, 2019 to 5:00 pm Sunday February 3, 2019
General Store, KTM Patan, Nepal

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General Store KTM

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Book Exchange Party

To mark the start of the General Store KTM book exchange, we invite you to enjoy an afternoon of wine, snacks, books and socializing. 

To participate: Bring two books (or more) that you have enjoyed but are happy to pass on to another reader. In exchange you will get a free glass of wine and you can chose a new book from the shelf to take home with you. 

After the opening party, the General Store KTM will permanently host a book exchange shelf full of lovely books. Pass by the store any time (during opening hours) to browse books and exchange an old book for a new one. Let's make sure our old books find new life and are read widely rather than collecting dust on our shelves or stored in a box :-) 

We hope to develop the book exchange into a lively community (online and offline) where people share their love for reading by swapping books, borrowing and lending books, or getting together to discuss their favourite reads in a book club. 

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