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Announcement of Youth Studies Batch VIII
12:30 pm Sunday April 26, 2015 to 4:30 pm Friday May 1, 2015
YUWA, Kathmandu, Nepal

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01-4486538, 9841627149, 9849954411 or 9841879240 

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Rs. 1000 per person

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Announcement of Youth Studies Batch VIII

After a long hiatus, Center for Youth Studies (CYS) and YUWA announces "Youth Studies- Batch VIII". It is an intensive inter-disciplinary course initiated by YUWA targeting the young population between 15-24. This course is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge designed especially targeting the needs of young people using youth friendly methodologies.

Coming to it's 8th Batch, the youth movement in Nepal has seen a lot of changes. With the current scenario more focused on Youth Vision 2025 in the national level and the Sustainable Development Goals focusing it's priorities on youth, everyones attention is on us. Thus, our roles and responsibilities have even increased. Addressing the international progress with relation to the national context, Youth Studies Batch VIII will try to shed light on such issues.

About the Course:
YS is a six days course with 3 hours each day, thus making up to 18 hours in total. The course is divided into 3

Conceptual Understanding of Youth
This section deals with the meaning, characteristics, responsibilities, strengths, challenges, issues, theories, terminologies and the importance of young population.

Major Global and National Policies on Youth
This section deals with the international commitments on youth along with the national youth policy of Nepal in comparison to national policies of other nations especially the SAARC countries.

This section deals with different youth friendly methodologies, success stories and practical skills required to work with and for youth.

Who can apply?

Young people between the age of 15-24 can apply.
Students from the Humanities background are encouraged to apply.
Application form is available at

When: April 5 - April 10, 2015
Where: YUWA University (YUWA Resource Centre)
Time: (1:00 - 4:15) pm
Total Seats: 20
Fees: Rs. 1000 per person (should be paid at YUWA office)
Registration Deadline: Thursday March 26, 2015
* Scholarship available*

For further information, call us at 01-4486538, 9841627149, 9849954411 or 9841879240 or write to us at

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