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200 Hour Yoga Certification in Nepal
12:00 am onward Saturday April 7, 2018 to Friday May 4, 2018
Hotel Tulsi, Barahi Tole, Pokhara, Nepal.

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Manmohan Singh


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Shared room: 1700 USD

Private room: 1900 USD

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The ultimate beauty of Nepal is bestowed with a wide range of lucid pictures, from the giant Himalayas to the Buddhist temples to the lush green paddy fields. Encouraged by the spiritual prestige of India, Nepal is surely a place to visit and immerse in the Yogic sea. The ivory of Himalayan peaks bringing forth enticing lakes where doing Yoga is no less than an ultimate delight. The road to yogic height starts here with 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal. Utilize the opportunity to be a devoted yogi to its fullest at Rishikul Yogshala.


About the program

The 200 hour yoga certification in the birth land of Gautam Buddha ensures a life-changing encounter with the ancient science along with a Yoga Alliance validated certificate. During the course of a month, you’ll be under the sacred guidance of our Yoga gurus who constantly scrutinize your progress. Look at the below-mentioned course highlights:

• Initial series of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga take you through various poses and postures by letting you know the mechanism of practicing these.

• Our training holds more attention to the practical implication of yogic teachings than on the physical exercise. Go through the life-transforming theories of Yoga as mentioned in Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

• Training through the breath science and get acquainted with the immense role it plays during every asana. Pranayama practice for health and mind benefits.

• Meditation on the enchanting Himalayan trails witnesses your mental development along with bestowing you with enormous peace and concentration.

• An insight of the Human Anatomy. Acquire the internal and external structure of the human body and their influence on the Yoga practice.

• Learn how to adjust your poses to correct angles during Adjustment and Alignment classes.

• Get acquainted with the theories of Ayurveda and make it a way of your life for a better living. Gain hands-on experience in Ayurvedic cooking for continuing the yogic lifestyle forever.

• Internal cleansing with Shat Kriyas. 

• Participate in Mantra Chanting and its massive advantages in connecting the soul with the mind and body.

• Conduct classes under the watchful eyes of our revered teachers. Gain proper guidance from the Yoga gurus regarding the student-teacher bonding and ethics of a yoga teacher.

• Laughter Yoga, Yoga Dance, and excursions on the trails of Himalayas refresh the mind and create a sense of invigoration.


Food and Accommodation

Agriculture, being the primary occupation in Nepal, produces a number of lucrative dishes sourced freshly from the fields. At our center in Nepal, an assortment of extremely delicious and sattvic food is proffered to the aspirants. The dishes are prepared with tremendous care and love by our Ayurveda-expert chefs. We make sure you stay in a fresh and sanitized ambiance suited perfectly for a yogi. Spacious and comfortable rooms with all basic amenities along with a private seating area are tendered to enjoy your accommodation at Rishikul Yogshala.

Location: Hotel Tulsi, Barahi Tole, Pokhara, Nepal.

Fee Details: Shared room: 1700 USD and Private room: 1900 USD.

About Rishikul Yogshala: Rishikul Yogshala has been a perennial entry in the list of notable Yoga schools across the globe for the last many years. The Yoga Alliance affiliated school is principled on spreading the traditional Yoga around the world. Owing to a vast legacy in the field of Yoga, the Rishikul-headquartered school organizes a number of programs worldwide such as Yoga TTC, Yoga therapy, Yoga retreats, etc.


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