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10th International AKASHA Healing Workshop Nepal2017
9:00 am Saturday August 4, 2018 to 5:00 pm Wednesday August 8, 2018
Nagarkot Hillside Resort Hillside Village Resort, Nagarkot, Nepal

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Email: | 00977.9841866100

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USD$ 600 International
NRs. 35, 000 Nepalese

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10th International AKASHA Healing Workshop Nepal2017

Greetings from Visionary!

The planet’s people are gradually becoming peaceful, feeling the pain of hurting other living things. A heightened sense of compassion is experienced by all. The shift of energies in 2016 and Dramatic changes in the world upset the balance temporarily, in this time the sensitives of the planet will feel a dizziness of the mind. Healing and Meditation is our saviour here it will realign our subtle bodies and open all chakras (wheel) allowing us to receive full benefit from the incoming energy shifts. Embrace the changes coming our way, enjoy the time in which we live, all things are possible. We are only limited by the thoughts we have. Focus on conscious intent be aware of the thoughts (thoughts hold energy) we are sending out to the universe.

Akasha Healing System is a natural healing system. It is experiential and pure spiritual awakening. Akasha Healing System has 27 basic symbols. The Akasha Healing Retreat lets you connect with elements, cleanses at the deepest levels and raise your vibration to optimum level. Your mind, body and soul are touched incredibly. It is all about energy that shifts and transforms everything. Are you ready now?

Title: 10th International Akasha Healing Retreat 

Theme: “Heal Your Past. Hug Your Future.”

Date: August 04-08, 2018

Venue: Hillside Resort, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur,  Nepal.


Tuition Fees: USD$ 600 Only (International) Accomodation: USD$30 Per Night/USD$50 for Twin sharing

Includes Tuition, Materials, Certificates and Workshop Meals.

The Holistic Akasha Healing Workshop

The Holistic Akasha Healing Workshop is an advanced training in personal development which enables you to stay more centered and balanced in a faster changing and competitive world. The training expands your inner communication to include the conscious-, the subconscious and the higher mind. This creates a deep understanding of who you are and what is your mission in life. This makes it a lot easier to create focus exactly on what is right for you and achieve that.

How is it organized? 

We offer 7 levels of Akasha Training. This will take you to become a certified Akasha Master 3rd degree with the competence to certify Akasha level 1 and 2. Each level can be taken on a Akasha seminar, which consists of about 6 days of intensive training and is finished with a certificate. We recommend that there is at least 3 month in between each seminar for the initiation to become fully integrated before to take the next seminar.

 You will learn about:

 -          The four intelligences

-          The three centers

-          The subconscious mind and how to communicate with it

-          How to maintain perfect health

-          How to balance your own energy

 -         How to communicate with your higher mind

 -         The elements behind physical manifestation

-          How you find your core values and personal mission

-          How you create goals and create the life you want

-          How to adjust your belief system so it supports your goals

-          How you negotiate conflicting internal values

-          How to release heavy or negative energy and balance yourself in line with the upcoming paradigm

 -         How you maintain focus during a stressful working day

Some of the elements of the seminars are dynamic dance meditations. We also work with other meditations, with the energy of nature, and with letting go of limiting beliefs and negative thought patters, which will result in a freer energy flow. You will also receive healing symbols and learn to use these in daily praxis for your own benefit – for a more energy filled and   healthier life!

The seminars are based much more on personal experience for each participant than on theory

How is a seminar organized?

1st day:  The nature of the three minds – the Conscious mind, the Subconscious mind and the Higher Mind. The energy bodies and the Chakra system – explored in practice.

2nd day: Morning meditation. Loosen up for negative emotions with breathing therapy and dynamic energy dancing. Cleaning out negative emotions. Higher Self connection and how to communicate with the Higher Self.

3rd day: Morning meditation. The four elements and how to balance the personal energy. How to communicate with the Subconscious Mind and elicit unbalances like limiting beliefs, internal parts and illness. In the end of the day the student receives the first nine healing symbols – primarily for healing oneself.

4th day: Morning meditation. Excursion to a nature spot and explore how to work with connection to nature. Later on the 4th day the student will work on how to integrate the nine healing symbols and use them in practice.  

5th Day: Longer excursion to specific energy spots (normally in a mountain area) to practice a more intensive connection to energy in nature and how to achieve resources from that.

5th or 6th day: Morning meditation. How to do self healing and healing others. Finding the mission of life. How to live a healthy life and maintain it. The student creates a personal plan.

Profile of Jack Makani


Jack Makani is an international Trainer of Akasha Healing, coaching and personal development, who was one of the pioneers of NLP in Scandinavia.

During the last 27 years he has trained thousands of people in NLP and Self Coaching, and hundreds of them have been trained in the Akasha Healing       System.

Jack has written a Danish NLP book and developed the Akasha Healing    system together with his sister the Danish healer Annmarie Bremer.

Together with his business partner and former wife Helene Makani he has developed a series of DVDs and CDs for NLP training, in both English and Danish.

Jack founded NLP Huset (the NLP House) in Copenhagen in 1990 and NLP Huset in Oslo in 2000, as well as the Cyprus based Makani Academy in 2004. Since 2000 he has specialized in the HR Coach Programme, which is one of the most thorough coaching trainings on the market. He is also co-founder of International Coach and Trainer Association (ICTA). 

Today he is part of a network of cooperating partners from Denmark, Cyprus, Norway, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, India and Nepal, who are working together to broaden out trainings in personal development to people who want to take even more responsibility for their life and want ideas and knowledge of how to create an even better life for themselves, family and business.

Title: 10th International Akasha Healing Retreat
Theme: “Heal Your Past. Hug Your Future.”
Date: August 04-08,2018
Venue: Hillside Nagarkot Resort, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur,  Nepal.
Email: | 00977.9841866100
Tuition Fees: USD$ 600 Only (International)
Includes Tuition, Materials, Certificates and Workshop Meals.


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