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Welcome to Adhyay Retreat Resort (Tistung Resort – टिस्टुङ् रिसोर्ट) !

A place which was never explored before for tourism, a small idyllic valley between the hills and right behind Kathmandu! It awaits to pour all its panoramic beauty onto you! Come and explore the unexplored! A perfect place to hangout with nature, locals, culture and retreat yourself!

The exact location where Adhyay Retreat lies is: Bajra Barahi, Tistung. Don’t get confused with another location called Bajra Barahi in Lalitpur.

Many will find easy to call it, Tistung – Palung, because Tistung, Palung, Daman all lies in the first highway of Nepal (Tribhuwan Highway) which connects Nepal to India, also known as Byroad. Before the Prithvi Highway was built and used, all vehicles plying from India to Nepal (Nepal to India) used to ply through this very first highway, and Tistung – Palung was a famous places to stop by for snacks, lunch and dinner.

You can seen green hills, off-season (modern) vegetable farms and beautiful ancient villages here. After a few hours hike to Mulabari – you’ll see a breathtaking views of mountain range, sunrise and sunset views.

And, importantly, since we are trying to promote Agrotourism, in Nepal, you would love to know that you’ll witness a real transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture methods and technologies being applied by the local farmers. Tistung produces large volume of off-season vegetables and exports to the major vegetable markets in Nepal including Kathmandu, Hetauda, Pokhara, Birjung, Butwal and also in India.

Since Nepal Government has started one village one agro-product policy, Tistung has been producing high quality Kiwi Fruits in the recent years!

You’ll not only see the locals working in farms, but also participate in different agro-activities like: planting, harvesting, picking fruits and vegetables, tasting honey, learning about wine and cheese making and almost all seasonal agr0-activities.

You can also visit many beautiful places once you’re here:

Kulekhani Dam – is the largest man made lake in Nepal for Hydro electricity project.  You can enjoy sightseeing, boating and have very tasty fish varieties.

You can reach to Kulekhani in just 15 minutes drive from the resort, or you can have a quick hike to burn calories!

Daman - is popular destination because of its scenic beauty. You can view a wide range of mountains in a good sunny day, from Dhaulagiri in the west to Mt. Everest in the east.

Chitlang – is another popular destination for its historic, cultural and natural beauty. You can reach to Chitlang in just 25 minutes drive from the resort, or you can hike through the villages.

Tistung is beautifully located in the middle making all other beautiful destinations near and easy.

The beauty of nature, engagements with locals and their activities,

Retreat yourself at Om Adhyay, a new location with many destinations!

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