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Photo Book Presentation | Mustang in Black & White
Thursday October 25, 2018
HUB, Amrit Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Photo Kathmandu

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Photo Book Presentation | Mustang in Black & White

Photo Kathmandu - Third Edition Collateral


Mustang in Black and White: Witnessing Continuity and Change in the Nepal Himalaya

Mustang, Nepal, is known for its vibrant landscapes. The district is a tapestry of Himalayan culture and history, a crossroads for trade, tourism, and tradition. A collaboration between photographer Kevin Bubriski and anthropologist Sienna Craig, the book on which this talk is based works against the grain of glossy, idealized images of Himalayan lifeworlds, instead illuminating the quotidian beauty and social complexity of this region, asking what can be seen differently in black and white.

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