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Yoga Teacher Trainig in Nepal
12:00 am Wednesday March 7, 2018 to 9:00 am Wednesday April 4, 2018
Barahi Tole, Baidam Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal Barahi Tole, Baidam Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training becomes an exploration into tranquility in the blissful Himalayan lands of Nepal. 200hrsyogattc presents this comprehensive yoga learning program dealing with Hatha and Ashtanga preliminaries, yogic meditation, pranayama breathing, and other important aspects of yoga in Nepal’s Pokhara this March 2018 in the wake of a brilliant winter for those who want to delve deeper into spiritual understanding of life from a yogic perspective.


Set against a dazzling backdrop of blue hills and mirror-like clearwater alpine lakes, this yoga immersion program is all about restoring peace in the hearts of the participants. The course follows the standard  200 hour YTTC in Nepal routine with extracurricular specialties like sunrise yoga overlooking snow peaks at Sarangkot, exploring peaceful nature trails, soft trekking opportunities, and more. Besides immersing in the regular elements related to study of yoga, in the pristine ambience of Nepal, you will have the advantage of slipping naturally into a meditative mood.


Participants, during their days of training will be accommodated in a spacious establishment equipped with modern amenities and a picturesque vision of the hills. Three purely vegetarian meals prepared in accordance with Ayurvedic culinary norms will be served as part of your yogic life during your training, and rejuvenating spa treatments will be availed to you at in-house facilities giving you the benefits of Ayurvedic goodness.


The course concludes with practical teaching classes to be held by each participant to showcase their yoga acumen and skills as an instructor. A Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance USA affiliated institute, 200hrsyogattcwill certify graduates with a prestigious certificate carrying the hallmark of the Alliance.


This course is a must for those yoga practitioners looking to know traditional yoga to its roots and beginning enthusiasts requiring a window into serious practice. 




•Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga primary series of yoga

•Meditation peace practices and techniques

•Sunrise yoga and local tour

•Pranyama breathing in yoga

•Yoga therapy

•Asana adjustment-alignment

•Yoga anatomy 

•Teaching-methodology and practicum


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