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Tihar Dhamaka
11:00 am onward Friday October 28, 2016
Moksh Bar, Lalitpur, Central Development Region, Nepal

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Our country is well known for the rich cultural and ethnic diversity. We celebrate a number of festivals and carry with us the inherited traditions with modern touch that marks the identity of being a proud Nepali. We know that we are very close to our other biggest celebration of the year, which we sum up as Tihar, that has variety of mini celebrations like laxmi puja, Mha puja, Bhai Tika and much more. We play deusi bhailo, celebrate music, worship the goddess of wealth, happiness, prosperity, adore the bond between brothers and sisters and many more.
And so, Girls In Technology is celebrating the great Tihar Dhamakaa keeping in regard all these aspects where we have various bands and artists performing , local energetic women enterpreneurs flourishing their quality products in reasonable prices.And Many More !!!!!

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