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Public Speaking Workshop: Intro to Declamation
11:00 am Friday July 1, 2016 to 2:00 pm Sunday July 3, 2016
Global Peace Foundation Nepal, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal

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Public Speaking Workshop: Intro to Declamation

The Public Speaking Workshop: Intro to Declamation is a unique package of 3 days with trusted and acclaimed methods of learning public speaking worldwide. Understanding the need of best quality trainings on the field of "Public Speaking", Global Peace Foundation Nepal brings you the a intensive package of Public Speaking Training in Kathmandu that ensures massive grown of an individual, facilitated experienced facilitators and guest speakers.

What is Declamation? 

Declamation is a unique form of speech where the speaker speaks about a subject that’s very significant for him really and tries influencing people/audiences mainly from interpreting the speeches recorded in history. Rhetorical, symbolic, dramatic, influential and poetic speeches are the unique features for the Public Speaker to have. It has been separated into two component subgenres, the controversia , speeches or defense or prosecution in fictitious court cases, and the suasoria , in which the speaker advised a historical or legendary figure as to a course of action.

The workshop will guide you in the journey of speaking excellence and will reveal the secrets and tools we have discovered. Through the training methodologies, the participants will practice some of the very unique ways of changing the gears in one's journey of achieving stage mastery. The program will be nurturing participants with knowledge, strategy and practice to sharpen the basic skills of Public Speaking and Declamation.

The training will bring a new perspective in the way one looks at world class speeches and speakers. It will exponentially develop all the ingredients necessary to run master in a professional speaking journey and the strategies of being fearless.

Selected participants will have the opportunity to learn the things such as: 

1. Persuasive speaking: The primary need of Public Speaking

2. Rhetorical and Dramatic Speaking

3. Speaking for Change

4. Building Self Confidence

5. Speaking Exponentially 

6. Content Improvisation

7. Stage Disciplinarians 

8. Vocal, Body and Mind Exercise 


Program Details: 

The program mainly focuses on Public Speaking whereas working with the tools of Declamation- the 3 days is all training and practicing with the trainers and facilitators.

1. Training Happening from July 1-3 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

- Starts @ 11:00 am and Ends @ 3:00 pm

**Limited Seats Available**

**Registration Fee Rs. 999 (Quickly Grab Yours Seat) **

**Certificate Distribution on 30th of June**


To register please follow the link fill in the easy form.


For more information please contact 01 – 4245506, or 9843779898

We’re looking forward to meeting you in the workshop soon.

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