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Outer Space " हाम्रो अन्तरिक्ष " - Photo Exhibition
10:00 am Friday June 10, 2016 to 5:00 pm Saturday June 11, 2016
Mangal Bazar, Patan, Central Region, Nepal

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Rotaract Club of Kopundol

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Outer Space " हाम्रो अन्तरिक्ष " - Photo Exhibition

We live on a huge blue rock that uncontrollably circles around a ball of fire at 1040mph next to a moon that moves the sea. Yet we all are ignorant of the fact we have much to explore and much more to discover beyond the borders. Where sky is the lower limit rotaract club of kopundol presents Outer Space (हाम्रो अन्तरिक्स्य) a 2 days photo exibition at heart of patan, mangalbazar which surely will change the perspective we view the objects in the night sky.

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