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10:00 am Sunday March 12, 2017 to 1:00 pm Sunday March 12, 2017

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Rotaract Rudramati Babarmahal

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Rs. 100/- per person

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"Enjoy Holi to its International height !!"
To preserve the tradition by maintaining the essence of Holi in a healthy and peaceful environment; RAC Rudramati Babarmahal, RAC Manohara, RAC Rudramati, RAC Ladwa and RAC Soaring Monks are jointly organizing the “Happy Holi” program to be celebrated among youths; friends and acquaintances at homely environment, where youths gather in one location to play together in company of close friends assuring the vivacious and the happiness filled atmosphere with people playing contagious.

• to bring youths closer together
• to spread the happiness and joy all around
• to create healthy and peaceful environment to play holi
• to discourage the unpleasant hooligans act in Holi
• to preserve the essence of the festival of colors

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