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Green Gathering Movements - music, art, dance, Eco solutions and conscious living
7:00 am onward Monday November 14, 2016
The Unity Eco Village, Kaskikot, Mid-Western Development Region, Nepal

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Green Gathering Movements - music, art, dance, Eco solutions and conscious living

Green Gathering Movements is music, art, dance, Eco solutions and conscious living.a gathering of positive people hosted upon sustainable community space maintained for the education Eco-farming, woofing, healing etc.

A party with live acts and dis from psy chill to , techno to fusion, acoustic and eclectic. a retreat into the Earths highest nature where we share our skills and ideas to develop a worthy culture for future generations.

Pro & Masterclasses:

-Music -SphericPro (poi, fire, juggling, contemp dance etc.)

-PranaPower (sport, enjoying games)

-Yoga, meditation, nature connection

-Herbal & medicinal plants ( excursus & researching )

- Cooking - AgroPro "Gaya Acha"

- HandyCrafts Gathering

- Painting & jobbing

- Introducing to culture heritage: epos & traditional story of land


• Bhadjan, kirthan • Ethnic music, shamanıc tribal music

• Excursus in ethnic instrument's world ( masterclasses & supporting )

• Life music • Experimental sounds pro ( life & alternative electronic vibe)

• YantraSoundPro ( sound engeneering creations )


Please bring your own Sleping bags and tents and torch lights and warm clothes and shoes and jackets We have camping side in Near the Riverside in Bamdi village.

Events venue information How to come to Eco village

Come by bus:

From halan chowk is every half hour a lokal bus to Pame. From Lauruk which is the village behind Pame, you follow the signs, before The Unity eco village Social organisation Kaskikot 4 ,lauruk , Pokhara Kaskikot 4 lauruk, Pokhara

Call us: +9779805865724


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