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Digital Photography Workshop in Chitwan
7:00 am onward Thursday January 25, 2018
Bharatpur Oralo Island Jungle Resort, East - West Highway, Bharatpur, Nepal

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Sunil Sapkota

phone: 9845364525

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The workshop organized by Raise Hands Nepal in collaboration with Salyani Technologies is targeted for both Beginner's and Pro's as it give insight and takes you to the depth of different aspects of photography. You will learn how to conceptualise and give a different approach to the subject. It is a great opportunity to learn the important aspects of photography and practice them under the guidance of the expert from Viewfinders Mr. Anup Ghimire

Photography Workshop 

Introduction to Photography (Jan 25)
Handling Camera 
Understanding Exposer Triangle (Sutter Speed, ISO, Apertures)
Outdoor Photo Walk Exploring the ideas we share on 1st day

Day 2 (Jan 26)
Photo Review from 1st day's photo walk
Rule of third
Looking Space
Leading lines
Negatives Space
Symmetry etc.. 
Out door Photo Walk Exploring Compositional Technique discussed on the day

Day 3
Photo review from 2nd day's Photo Walk
Dynamic Range
White Balance
Discussing Portrait Photography its technique and tips
A day long Photo Walk exploring topic discussed on the day

Day 4
Photo review from day 3
Understanding Lights 
Exploring studio Lights, light modifiers strobe
About reflector and tripod, stand
Learning about Long Exposer
Concept of Bokeh
Light Painting
Evening Photo walk for long exposer, lighting painting Bokeh exploring the ideas we share on day 4

Day 5
Understanding Concept of Photo Editing 
Getting Started with Lightroom
Getting started with Photoshop 
Photo walk and editing assignments 

Day 6
Review and Discussion
Photo Copyrights 
Photos walk and peer review

Note: The dates for each Topic added here can be changed based on the expertise of the participants and their requirement as per the discussion with tutor on the day.
Phone: 9845364525

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