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Art25: Live Painting Competition
3:00 pm Saturday April 29, 2017 to 7:00 pm Saturday April 29, 2017
Sattya Media Arts Collective, Patan, Central Development Region, Nepal

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Sattya Media Arts Collective

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Art25: Live Painting Competition

Art25 will be a fast paced live painting competition where artists create their best work within 25 minutes. The general public will be invited to be part of the audience and see the creative process up close. The event will be free of cost to both the artist and the public.

The competition will have artists painting with acrylic paint on blank canvases using tools they are confident and comfortable with. There will be 2 winners for each round - one voted by the public and the other decided by the judges.

There will be a total of 3 rounds for this event. Each round will have 7 artists competing with each other. The first round will be dedicated to the children artists while the next two rounds will be open for everyone else.

A live jazz band will be playing every round and encouraging conversation between musicians and artists.

For our first Art25, we are happy to have Lasanaa as our collaborator and OnwardNepal as one of our sponsors!

Round Particulars
-25 minutes per round
-Each round will have a theme which will remain secret until the round begins
-All competitors will create 1 painting each
-At the end of the round, the judges and the public will make separate votes.

Materials Provided
-Canvas (approx. 16in x 20in)
-Acrylic paint (Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black)
-Water container

Participants will bring
-Other tool(s) of choice (sponges, palette knives, etc.)
-Other painting medium they prefer besides acrylic paint such as oil, spray, watercolor, charcoals, etc.

This event is open to the general public. In order to be considered for the competition, artists are required to fill up an online form and submit at least 2 high-res images of their previous paintings.

Application form is available at

Deadline for submission: 24 April 2017 (Monday)

An evaluation team will review and select the artists for the competition.

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